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Introducing the htmx-supabase-spring-boot-starter:0.3.0

htmx is an awesome library to build interactive web applications directly in HTML, using attributes without the javascript headache. In my own htmx project, I wanted to use a hosted authentication provider. I did not want to deal with user credentials myself. I researched the market and found Supabase which had an interesting offering for free! 50.000 monthly active users Hosted Postgres server with 500mb storage This was definitely sufficient for my side projects!
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Spring ViewComponent v0.7.0 release

I’m excited to announce the release of Spring ViewComponent v0.7.0 today. The two biggest changes to this release is the annotation processor for processing ViewComponents at build time and a new awesome way to create a ViewContext.
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Creating a JPA style CrudRepository using Microstream

MicroStream is a Java native persistence layer that gives you blazingly fast access times. When migrating from JPA we want to have the ability to implment CrudRepository style
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Secure your Spring Boot Acturator Endpoints and configure Prometheus with Basic Authentication

After setting up your Prometheus it might not work, if you enable debug logs you see that prometheus cannot scrape the actuator logs. To fix this we need to configure your Spring App and Prometheus with Basic Authentication
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How to publish a Kotlin/Java Spring Boot library with Gradle to Maven Central - Complete Guide

This is an opinionated step-by-step guide on how to publish a Kotlin/Java library with Gradle to Maven Central repository. It assumes that: the project is built with Gradle (look at Maciej Guide if you want to do it with Maven) the project code is hosted on GitHub and GitHub Actions are used to trigger the release It uses JReleaser - I believe this is the simplest and the most straightforward way of signing and uploading artifacts.
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