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How to publish a Kotlin/Java Spring Boot library with Gradle to Maven Central - Complete Guide

This is an opinionated step-by-step guide on how to publish a Kotlin/Java library with Gradle to Maven Central repository. It assumes that: the project is built with Gradle (look at Maciej Guide if you want to do it with Maven) the project code is hosted on GitHub and GitHub Actions are used to trigger the release It uses JReleaser - I believe this is the simplest and the most straightforward way of signing and uploading artifacts.
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Toasts with Thymeleaf, HTMX and Spring Boot

In this example I will show you how to create toasts that you can define on your server and return as HTMX Response
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Local development with Testcontainers, Kotlin and Spring Boot

It is always the best to keep your development environment as close as you can to your production environment. Don’t use a h2 database as it can behave differently to a production database.
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Fixing the Spring Boot LiveReload Server with Gradle for Thymeleaf and TailwindCSS

I couldn’t get Live Reload with Spring Boot and Thymeleaf to work. But I didn’t want to use bulky node scripts. So I thought we can use Gradle
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Implementing Worker Pools in Kotlin to upload Images over WebDav to a Hetzner StorageBox

Recently while doing a project with Go I came across Worker Pools on GoByExample to do parallel processing. I didn’t find many resources for implementing Worker Pools in Kotlin, but it seemed a good idea for my current Spring Boot + Kotlin webapp.
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