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Local development with Testcontainers, Kotlin and Spring Boot

It is always the best to keep your development environment as close as you can to your production environment. Don’t use a h2 database as it can behave differently to a production database.
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Fixing the Spring Boot LiveReload Server with Gradle for Thymeleaf and TailwindCSS

I couldn’t get Live Reload with Spring Boot and Thymeleaf to work. But I didn’t want to use bulky node scripts. So I thought we can use Gradle
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Implementing Worker Pools in Kotlin to upload Images over WebDav to a Hetzner StorageBox

Recently while doing a project with Go I came across Worker Pools on GoByExample to do parallel processing. I didn’t find many resources for implementing Worker Pools in Kotlin, but it seemed a good idea for my current Spring Boot + Kotlin webapp.
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Dave Farley: Continuous Delivery Simply Explained

This is the transcript from the YouTube Video CONTINUOUS DELIVERY SIMPLY EXPLAINED from Dave Farley’s Channel Continuous Delivery. I think it gives an excellent explanation of Continuous Delivery.
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Creating a GO GUI with Alpine.js and Webview

There are a lot of options for building a GUI for Go applications. Coming from the web development world building the frontend with HTML seems as a no-brainer.
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