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Dave Farley: Continuous Delivery Simply Explained

This is the transcript from the YouTube Video CONTINUOUS DELIVERY SIMPLY EXPLAINED from Dave Farley’s Channel Continuous Delivery. I think it gives an excellent explanation of Continuous Delivery.
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Creating a GO GUI with Alpine.js and Webview

There are a lot of options for building a GUI for Go applications. Coming from the web development world building the frontend with HTML seems as a no-brainer.
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JWT authentication for Spring Boot simplified using GoTrue and Supabase

In a quest to have a simpler JWT Authentication flow and not have to deal with security related userdata in my backend, I discovered Supabase Auth which is an implementation of Netlify GoTrue.
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Spring Content - Cloud-Native Content Services for Spring

The better way to save and serve files and images with Spring Boot.
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Deploying docker-compose with docker remote host

Ever wondered how you can deploy your locally running docker-compose project to a remote server? Don’t want to use a registry or scp?
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